Installation of Java 7, Netbeans 7, Eclipse Indigo in Ubuntu 12.04

For a while, I start using Ubuntu. It is one of the best OS that I have ever seen. But it is not  Usability. I mean all process are not actually running as GUI. User must aware to use terminal (Command Prompt). The following is the useful link that I used to install some kinds of software.


Overcome 400 Bad Request when sign to Google or deploy to GAE in Eclipse

I got troubling with following error when signing in Google. It make me crazy and waste of my time. I uploaded difficultly using command line to Google App Engine. I fainted as soon as I found the solution for that error. Of course, every problem is easy if you know the solution.

400 Bad request error

The solution is have to adjust your computer time with country time zone. 🙂 haaha Why don’t error message show to do that?

Reference : 400 Bad Request during oAuth handshake from Eclipse plug-in