Initially, I thought, EZ-LINK app only can use to see public transport and top up transactions and that’s it. In the last two months, my colleagues told me about following efficient tips.

  1. Circle.life user can get Bonus data, 50MB data for every 10 rides taken per week
  2. You can enable auto top up your ez-link card if balance is low (It’s called EZ-RELOAD)

So, why not just give a try by installing in your iOS or Android phones 😀


How to transfer DBS or POSB to Ayer Bank

Following is how to transfer DBS or POSB to Ayer Bank.
Thanks for sharing, Pote Gyi.

“Mingalarpar! You can transfer money to AYA Bank Account in Myanmar from Singapore by using DBS/POSB bill payment service. Please find attached file for detail steps. After each successful transaction, AYA Bank will credit to the receiver’s account on the next banking day (working day) with the SGDMMK exchange rate (buying rate) of that settlement date. For Bill Payment transaction, we will collect MMK3000/- per transaction regardless of the amount transfer till 31st Mar,2016. Start from 1st April, 2016, AYA Bank will credit to the receiver’s account on the next banking day (working day) with the SGDMMK exchange rate (buying rate) of that transferring date and service charges will be MMK5000/-. Please note that you can make transaction from minimum SGD100 to maximum SGD5000 per transaction. Thank you.”


Baydin app – React Native

ကိုုယ္ဟာ Dota မွာ Cancer players ေတြနဲ႔ ပြဲေတြ ဆက္တိုုက္ရွုုံုးျပီး ေနာက္ပိုုင္း ဘယ္ ေလာကဓံ မွ မေၾကာက္ေတာ႔ပါဘူး။ 😛

အဲ႔တာနဲ႔ React Native ဘက္ လွည္႔မိတယ္ ဆိုုပါစိုု႔။

React Native မွာ ေကာင္းက်ိုုးေတြ အမ်ားၾကီး ရိွတယ္ ဆိုုတာ သြားေတြ႔တယ္။ ခုုေတာ႔ Expo နဲ႔ Distribute လုုပ္တာပဲ ေလ႔လာရေသးတယ္။ Native projects နဲ႔ Distribute လုုပ္တာ စမး္ၾကည္႔တာ error တက္ေနတာနဲ႔ ေနာက္တပတ္ စမ္းရမယ္။ ေလာေလာဆယ္ Analytic tools ေတြ၊ ေၾကာ္ျငာေတြ မထည္႔တက္ေသးဘူး။ အဲ႔တာေတြက native project နဲ႔ထည္႔ရမွာလိုု႔ ဆိုုတယ္။


အရင္တုုန္းက React Native ေရးရင္ Android ဆိုုလဲ သူ႔Native Components ေတြ၊ iOS ဆိုုလဲ သူ႔Native Components ေတြနဲ႔ ရေအာင္ေရးမယ္လိုု႔ ေတြးဘူးတယ္။ တကယ္ေရးၾကည္႔ေတာ႔ အဲ႔လိုုျဖစ္ေအာင္ လုုပ္ရင္းနဲ႔ကိုု နွစ္ခုုေရးရသလိုု ျဖစ္ေနတယ္။ Android ကလဲ မသံုုးတာေရာ မလုုပ္တာေရာ ၾကာျပီဆိုုေတာ႔ ျပန္ၾကည္႔ရတာကိုု အခ်ိန္ေတာ္ေတာ္ေပးရတယ္။ ေပကတ္ျပီးေတာ႔ ေရးၾကည္႔ေသးတယ္။ ေတာ္ေတာ္႔ကိုု ဒုုကၡမ်ားတယ္။ အဲ႔ဒါနဲ႔ပဲ Same design to all platforms လုုပ္မွ Ract Native ရဲ႔ေကာင္းကြက္ ပိုုမ်ားတယ္ဆိုုတာ သြားေတြ႔တယ္။


  • Android or iOS app ကိုု ျပန္တင္စရာမလိုုဘဲ Expo နဲ႔ update လုုပ္လိုု႔ရတယ္
  • သိတဲ႔အတိုုင္းပဲ Android နဲ႔ iOS build ထြက္ဖိုု႔ တစ္ခါပဲ ေရးရံုုပဲ


  • App size က Sample App အတြက္ေတာင္ Size က 25 MB ေလာက္ရိွတယ္။ Expo SDK ထည္႔ထားတဲ႔ အတြက္။ သူ႔ခ်ည္းပဲကိုု 20MB ရိွတယ္။

React Native သံုုးသင္႔တဲ႔လူေတြ

  • တစ္ေယာက္ေရးထားတဲ႔ တစ္ခုုျပန္ညြန္းမယ္။ “If your company doesn’t need to focus on mobile native components and you just want to get apps for your existing web system, React Native is way to go.” တနည္းအားျဖင္႔၊ information ျပရံုုလာက္ေတာ႔ React Native ကိုုသံုုးသင္႔တယ္။

ခုုေတာ႔ project ကိုု App ထြက္ေအာင္ေလာက္ပဲ လုုပ္ထားတယ္။ Components ေတြ ခြဲနည္း၊ Native projects နဲ႔ တြဲေရးနည္း ေတြဆက္ၾကည္႔ရမယ္။

Baydin App – React Native

Baydin app with React NativeAndroid app ေတာ႔ရျပီ – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.theinhtikeaung.swesone

ထံုုးစံအတိုုင္း ေဗဒင္ ၾကည္႔ၾကည္႔ေပါ႔ 😛 Content ေတြကေတာ႔ သက္ဆိုုင္ရာ ေဗဒင္ဆရာကိုု Credit ပါ။
တစ္ခုုခုုေတာ႔ ျဖစ္လဲ ေျပာပါဦး။ ျမန္မာစာ မေပၚတာတိုု႔၊ Design က Consistent မျဖစ္တာတိုု႔ေပါ႔။

iOS App

Thanks for reading! Bye


Google Inbox

When Google Inbox has released a year ago, somehow I don’t like it. Probably, all features were not included like now it has.In last week at work, I was preparing to start development for a project. So, I opened and analysed all emails discussion to know what are all requirements and timeline. That’s a headache when there was different kinds of email.

  • Email that I need to read
  • Email that need my reply
  • Email that I can ignore
  • yea, of course, Advertisement Email that I hate (unless if they offer me some free discounts or promotions)

So, that’s the reason I decided to test Google Inbox. And yes, I liked it and gonna use for work.

Google Inbox has the following features I like … 


Zawgyi font for Lollipop

Hope the following way will be worked for all Android Devices.The following successfully done in Galaxy S5, Lollipop. Initial installation of Zawgyi font not supported anymore after upgraded to Lollipop. Zawgyi font for Lollipop

Step 1 – Install iFont

iFont Zawgyi

iFont Zawgyi

Step 2 – Install Zawgyi font from iFont Myanmar tab. You can go by tapping on MY circle icon.


Step 3 – Install Zawgyi One font

Step 4 – Change Zawgyi One font in phone setting. Settings -> Display -> Font -> Font Style. The following choose the Zawgyi One font. Zawgyi One TTF is the one that previously installed in that phone and it is not supported anymore after upgrade to Lollipop.


Hope it is working for you too. Good Luck.