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When Google Inbox has released a year ago, somehow I don’t like it. Probably, all features were not included like now it has.In last week at work, I was preparing to start development for a project. So, I opened and analysed all emails discussion to know what are all requirements and timeline. That’s a headache when there was different kinds of email.

  • Email that I need to read
  • Email that need my reply
  • Email that I can ignore
  • yea, of course, Advertisement Email that I hate (unless if they offer me some free discounts or promotions)

So, that’s the reason I decided to test Google Inbox. And yes, I liked it and gonna use for work.

Google Inbox has the following features I like

  • Mark as Done – If you mark the email as Done, the email will be disappeared from your home page.
  • Bundle – It has a few bundles that created for you such as Trips, Purchases, Social, Promos. Inbox analyzed all your email and attachments (Oops), then it bundles in one of the group.
  • Reminder – You can set the reminder to send the email or call other users.

This is how I am using

  • Email that I need to read (I read and mark as Done)
  • Email that needs my reply (If I can reply immediately, I reply and mark as Done. If not, just leave it)
  • Email that I can ignore (mark as Done)
  • Advertisement Emails (mark as Done)

By this way, I feel relieved to see only one or two email in my inbox.

Shocking feature – BundleScreen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.39.05 PM

How google bundle the emails were very smart and you will not hate it even they analyse and read your all emails.

You booked flights for your next trip or your friend forwarded next trip’s flight info. Google will bundle that email to Trip bundle and show you nicely. Same to all bundles too. What’s more ? You can see your trip easily from Google Search anytime by typing “My Trips”. And guess what ? Google also used that info to make

What’s more ? You can see your trip easily from Google Search anytime by typing “My Trips”.

And guess what ? Google also used that info to make trip album for you if you using Google Photos and allowed to sync with your phone.

Transition from Gmail to Inbox

Since I want to clear my home page of Inbox, I need to mark as Done all my current existing emails. There is a lot !! Inbox Done and Google Archive is actually the same function. That mean if you mark as Done in Inbox, in your Gmail, that mail is archived. So, I archived all my emails in Gmail.

If you decided to stick with inbox, we can redirect to by changing setting. Redirect Gmail to Inbox on a computer

Hopefully, Google Inbox is useful for you too !

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One thought on “Google Inbox

  1. Inbox provide a lot more features than gmail.
    And I have also moved to inbox. But; I think it take a little more time to sync than gmail. Sometime; I missed to read some mail in inbox.


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