Zawgyi font for S4 and Note 3

29 March 2015 – New Post you may be interested – Zawgyi font for Lollipop


Way to set Zawgyi font for S4 and Note 3

2.10.13 #Update : Many users is not OK in Note 3. Please read other friends’ comments for more info. Only one user success, Refer Ko Thi Han Lin’s Comment.

30.10.13 – I saw many people fail setup after update to Android 4.3. Sorry guys, I have no chance to test without device. Hope you guys found the way by Googling. Good Luck !
* But You can try : 1st Myanmar Browser  to read Myanmar *

Thanks to all who share their info.

1) Install first “Zawgyi One TTF v2.0”


2) Install “iFont” from Google Play Store


3) Change Zawgyi in iFont app

i) Set the system font to something other than the default font using

System Settings –> My Device –> Display –> Font

This way iFont can set the custom font directly. I changed font style to ‘Samsung Sams‘ instead of Default font.

Zawgyi for S4

ii) Set Zawgyi under “Install” tab of iFont app. Restart required. Zawgyi for S4 iFont app

– I only tested in S4. Note 3 user is supposed to be Ok by this way according to following reference. Pls comment if success also in Note 3.

Ref :

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107 thoughts on “Zawgyi font for S4 and Note 3

  1. Note 3 not okay yet. keyboard is okay but font couldn’t install. Already tried both method in note 3. finished with error and couldn’t install.possible dependencies as system font security hole already blocked.As well as OS version different 4.2.2 in S4 and 4.3 in Note 3.

    1. ််font change တဲ့ နေရာမှာ ကျွန်တော့် ဖုန်းက အဲ့ဒီလို ့ဖြစ်နေတယ်၊ကူညီပါဦး
      This font is not supported .contact the font provider.Uninstall this font?

      1. အဲဒါ ZawGyione.TTF Version 1 ဖြစ်နေလို့နေမယ်ဗျ။ အပေါ်က လင့်က Version 2 ကိုဒေါင်းပြီးသွင်းကြည့်ပါလား

        1. Andriod 4.4.2 available for Galaxy Note 3 since 9 Jan 2014 and you can update via Samsung Kies 3.0. It will not update via OTA.
          Galaxy Note 3 latest firmware version from samsung is SM-N9005 N9005XXUENB4 (12.02.2014) and it was supported Zawgyi font by default. You can even change Myanmar Language for whole device in setting -> Language and input
          You can check the screenshot and post at my facebook –

    2. Andriod 4.4.2 available for Galaxy Note 3 since 9 Jan 2014 and you can update via Samsung Kies 3.0. It will not update via OTA.
      Galaxy Note 3 latest firmware version from samsung is SM-N9005 N9005XXUENB4 (12.02.2014) and it was supported Zawgyi font by default. You can even change Myanmar Language for whole device in setting -> Language and input
      You can check the screenshot and post at my facebook –

    1. Andriod 4.4.2 available for Galaxy Note 3 since 9 Jan 2014 and you can update via Samsung Kies 3.0. It will not update via OTA.
      Galaxy Note 3 latest firmware version from samsung is SM-N9005 N9005XXUENB4 (12.02.2014) and it was supported Zawgyi font by default. You can even change Myanmar Language for whole device in setting -> Language and input
      You can check the screenshot and post at my facebook –

  2. Hi, Note 3 is still not OK yet. I am using 1st MM Browser and 4 Myanmar FB to see myanmar fonts currently. But I still can’t see myanmar fonts in application such as Dhamma Droid.
    If yours able to install the fonts, please let us know. Thanks.

    1. When upgrade to android 4.3 in Galaxy S4, it cannot see Myanmar Font at all. Before upgrade, it can see Myanmar font and installation step are the same.
      Please advise something.

  3. The new IFont version can support zawgyi-one-ttf. I can successfully change on my note 3 but still can’t see Myanmar font on Facebook app.

  4. Can’t see zawgyi font in note-3. In note-3, samsung already used MM3( myanmar unicode).
    I would like to know how to install zawgyi in note-3 (N9005).

  5. i followed your step.but i can’t get myanmar font for samsung galaxy note if u got another way,please share to me.

  6. it works for me.

    these are my steps
    1.setting > general> security> tick unknown source
    2.setting>device>font> change to other font than default
    3.install zawgyi font and ifont apps ifont , choose zawgyi one ttf and click on “set” button , one dialog box will be pop up , click ok, it will install zawgyi again. just install it.
    5.go back to ifont apps , under “install” tab, there is new font named “zawgyi one TTF(ifont)” will be appeared, select that font and press on “set” button.

    da ta , zawgyi is installed.

    the only thing is it doesn’t work for flipboard

    1. I am ok myanmar font by your step on my note 3. Thanks
      By using iFont v 3.7 and zawgyi-one flipfont v 3.1.
      But still has some error when I type mm font

    2. What is your phone model, mine is Galaxy S3, I followed same steps as yours, but it did not work for me. thanks.

  7. လုပ်ရမယ့် အဆင့်တွေကို စိတ်ရှည်လက်ရှည်ဖတ်ပြီး ဂရုတစိုုက် လုပ်ကြည့်နိုင်ရင် အခု လင့်နှစ်ခု နည်းလမ်းတွေက အဆင်ပြေပါတယ် (or)
    .. အပေါ်က Thi Han Lin နည်းလမ်းအတိုင်း မြန်မာစာ install လုပ်ထားပြီးသားဆိုရင် font install ထပ်လုပ်စရာမလိုပဲ Note 3 မြန်မာစာ facebook တွေမှာမြင်ရပါတယ် bagan keyboard နဲ့ စာရိုက်လို့ အဆင်ပြေပါတယ်……….

    ှု်ွှIf u want to see Myanmar font & Type in Facebook in Note3. Please read & follow carefully either one link instruction.
    Yeah! a lot of Step & look like Advance Level !!! It may be feel a bit difficult for Normal user! But No easy way is coming yet.

    1. Thank for your info link…. finially i have root and install myanmar font on my note 3 from your useful link.

      but this is a bit difficult for those who willing to root and install mm font 1st time.

      For 1st time who wanted to root for your note 3 version 4.3,
      you need to studay a bit from beginning as below what is CWM,Odin ,,, mode…etc from here

      after you have study something from about link how to root,then go to below link and download necessary file, follow up as per guide line.

  8. Hi.everybody.I got one way from myanmarmobile group.Download apk file from link and install it in your note3.Then in font setting there’s “Zawgyi Pyin Oo Lwin”font show up and choose it and thats’ all.but in the phone’s original browser still can’t see myanmar font.but for facebook and other messaging working very well.i think for the browser have to use other browser like firefox.

  9. sorry guys I don’t get it, what do you mean on facebook you can’t view Chinese fonts ?? I’m using note 3 , on my facebook I can read and write Chinese traditional fonts….maybe I am misunderstand you guys talking about changing the system font…………!

  10. i used iFont app and Zawgyi-One FlipFont, it was working fine in Android 4.2 in S4. Last night, Oct 25, Android version was updated to 4.3, used iFont app to set fonts, in the Install tab, when a font is chosen the dialogue box says “After installed font,please go to the font display setting page set the font! If the custom font is selected, you have to apply another font( or default font) first and then apply the new custom font!” …… when these instruction was carried out, Zawgyi One TTF (iFont) was installed, but set the installed font (Zawgyi One TTF(iFont) ) in Display Setting was not helping, setting the same font from iFont App would say the same dialogue box as above. it seems that iFont needs to be upgraded to be able to set custom font in latest Android 4.3.

      1. Well,

        Galaxy S4 and Note 3 already supported Zawgyi Font by default.
        No need to install filpfont app or ifont.
        But you must update to latest firmware from Samsung.
        If your device was rooted, you can’t update from OTA.
        All the S4 and Note3 need to unroot to upgrade original OTA firmware.
        I can provide screenshot if you want to confirm with your eyes.

  11. I am trying to solve a slightly different problem but it might help you and someone might be able to tell me where I am missing something.

    I am using a Samsung Note 3 in English. I have different fonts downloaded yet the standard email client does not use these – yet the header does – but not then into the sent email.

    Looking at the received HTML there is no text font – so it defaults to whatever the font is of the receiver which means it can look very different to what I sent.

    Any ideas?

    In Outlook 2013 it seems to be Times New Roman but it can’t use the font I wanted as it isn’t there to use in the HTML

  12. Yesterday , I suddenly up date S4, version 4.3. I cant see/read myanmar font .

    Please give me any idea for instruction .

    Best Regards,
    ko zaw gyi

    1. correct me if i’m wrong.
      you need to root ur S4 and install custom rom, then install mm font coz the version 4.3 is same as N3. this version include knox security system.
      so i think u need to follow as per N3 guide line then u are able to see and type mm font.
      pls see my reply above for ur info.

        1. Hi
          i think it is still working but you can remove it too from your system since ur phone rooted. can type and see mm font too.

  13. I can not see myanmar font s4 4.3 yet. It s changed zawgyi but can t see myanmar.pls ask me how to do br…thanks.

  14. Hi,

    Last week aldy do update the version 4.3. I aldy install and put zawgyi one ttf and frozen keyboard. Still can’t use myanmar font. I saw square font instead of myanmar font. Pls give me any best way and suggestion.


    1. for 4.3. I test my phone and have been successfully install myanmar font.but need root. and need to install root explore that is ROM toolbox lite from playstore.and need to download some dropbox link and do step by step. now i can see even in message box. viber and every internet browser.if someone want to know pl send mail to me.

  15. bro.
    what is root? if i root my phone,any problem to my phone? after rooting then can change to unrooting? i use s4 with android 4.3 . even mm font can not be seen in mm eng dictoriary. if any way to sove to see mm,kindly post for your mm brothers and sisters.

  16. After install install Google Edition Android 4.3, can install myanmar font on S4 i9505 android 4.3. Refer below link and software download under about information. Tested it and successful.

  17. samsung officially gave the sw update and the font issue is already solved for note 3. for s4, havent release yet up to now. ifont also included many myanmar fonts built-in now. enjoy note 3 users without rooting. ဘိုင္ဘိုင္

  18. it works for me and most of my friends. just follow your steps first to install zawgyi font. Then just need to update Andriod 4.3 firmware, reboot and install it. Good luck everybody!

  19. Dear My Brothers and Sis s I have bought samsung note 3 and trying to install myr font such as Bagan keyboard I have installed the zawgyi font etc still. I can’t able to use it. the most I get was the smiley face and the squars only.Pls help me with some advice’s and help.I know we Burmese r smart in finding a way out to sort things done in our way.

    Many many thanks!

    1. Samsung Note 3 finally supported Zawgyi font by default after update to latest firmware (N9005XXUDMJ7). Build number JSS15J.N9005XXUDMJ7.
      Need to upgrade from PC via Kies 3.

        1. It should work as well …
          But you still need to update latest firmware from Samsung … Shouldn’t use root method … Newest update andriod 4.3 had big size around 1.3 GB

      1. when i bought note 3, i can see/type the myanmar font (default ). Later i cannot find myanmar font to write. Why? i have installed zawgyi font to solve this problem. Now i upgraded my phone to version 4.4.2. Now keep asking me to upgrade again and again on the same day. said that you have downloaded new updated version, would you like to install or postpone to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. Why?? how to solve it? it was repeated again and again.

        1. Hi,

          There are some minor update after you install 4.4.2. just install it.
          Then, restart your phone after installation.
          No zawgyi font is required to install since you install 4.4.2.

          By default, myanmar font are integrated with 4.4.2.

          you may use mm font as default language.

  20. Samsung Note 3 finally supported Zawgyi font by default after update to latest firmware (N9005XXUDMJ7). Build number JSS15J.N9005XXUDMJ7.
    Need to upgrade from PC via Kies 3.

  21. For android 4.3
    Mine is S3 4G. android4.3 stock rom for germany coz local 4.3 is not available yet.
    I rooted it with cf root.
    I installed zawgyi enabler and zawgyi font changer 2 of ko TNS .
    Both Kb and font Work fine. I can switch system language between zawgyi and eng. Just sharing

  22. hi dear mr.

    my samsung galaxy note 2 can’t read myanmar font.
    yesterday i update new vision 4.3. now i can’t read myanmar font.why?pls explain me

  23. “This is reply from Samsung regarding on updating Android 4.3”

    We refer to your email dated 3rd Jan (Ref No.2115465951)

    We are sorry to hear that the font application that you were previously using is no longer compatible with the your phone.

    We regret to inform you that once upgraded, the Android OS cannot be downgraded. However, you may wish to contact the developer of the font that the application is not compatible with 4.3 and we would have to trouble you to wait for the developer to update it. You may wish to try another Myanmar font instead of waiting for the developer to update his application.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding that it is the developer’s responsibility to ensure that their applications remain compatible with Google’s development of the Android OS.

  24. Mine is Note 2 and I upgraded to 4.3 and the font is no longer working. however, after installing ifont it works again. Thank you sooo much.

    1. Hi Wut Yee, Please share me the steps how you did it successfully to get back the myanmar font in Note 2 without root. Many of my friends with Note 2 are now crying after update to 4.3. I want to help them. Thank you.

  25. i followed these steps but my Note 2 is not working with this method. Appreciated if you have method for Note 2 Android 4.3. Thanks

  26. ဆရာခင်ဗျား ….. ကျနော့်မှာ Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ( 2014 Edition ) သုံးနေပါတယ် …. Android version 4.3 ဖြစ်ပြီး မြန်မာစာ တင်လို ့မရပါ …. ဆရာ ဗီဒီယို နဲ ့ လုပ်ပြသလို လုပ်ပါတယ် … iFont လည်း install လုပ်ပါတယ် … ဒါပေမဲ ့ Device – Font – Font Style ထဲကို ရောက်မလာပါဘူး … ဘယ်လို ဆက်လုပ်ရမယ်ဆိုတာ အီးမေးလ်မှ တဆင့် ပြန်ကြားပေးစေချင်ပါတယ် …. ကျနော့်မှာ အင်တာနက် ရတုန်းလေး သုံးရတာမို့ပါ …. ပြည်ပ ခရီးရောက်နေသူမို ့ ဆိုင်တွေကို ပြဖို ့ မလွယ်လို ့ပါ … ကျေးဇူးတင်လျျက် …

    1. This is really correctly working in my note3 handset.တကယ်​ကိုအဆင်​​ပြေပါတယ်​.လွယ်​ကူစွာနဲ ့rootလုပ်​စ၇ာမလိုပဲ မြန်​မာfont​ကောမြန်​မာစာ​ကော
      အသုံးပြ ုလို ့၇သွားပါပြီ…keyboardကိုေ​တာ့
      ​bagan keyboard သုံး၇တာပိုအဆင်​​ပြေပါတယ်​

  27. hi everyone,
    I have install i font & zawgyi oneTT and successful on Galaxy Tab3 (SM-T215) jelly bean 4.3 ver as advise.
    but unsuccessful on SIII GT-I9300. pls advise some other way to get zawgyi font for SIII without root.

  28. I also use this way for samsung galaxy mega 6.3. I am successful in using myanmar font in my phone. Thanks a lot.

  29. HI ALL

    Mine is Samsung Tap pro 8.4. Android version is 4.4.2 kikat.
    I used ifont application to get zawgyi font. It work for Note-3 android version 4.4.2.
    But it dosen’t work for my Tablet.
    I can install zawgyi font but still can’t read myanmar words without MM browsers.
    I can see only square box.
    Can you all suggest to me, please?
    How should I do?
    Thank you.

  30. ဖုန်းက galaxy S3 gt-i9300 version 4.3 ပါ။ အထက်ကလမ်းညွှန်ချက်အတိုင်း ပြုလုပ်ပြီးပါပြီး သို့သော် facebook တွင် မြန်မာစာဖောင့်ကို ဖတ်လို့မရသေးပါ။ အခြားနည်းလမ်းရှိသေးပါက လမ်းညွှန်စေချင်ပါတယ်။ ကျေးဇူးအထူးတင်ရှိပါတယ်။

  31. it’s cool. clearly one of the most demanded fonts. btw, those having problems can try uninstalling and then installing it. that works on most occasions.

  32. this way is ok but I can’t see in my gmail. how can do another way? Please give me idea
    Thanks you very much

      1. Note 3 – lollipop version already included Myanmar Unicode standard font. I already used Myanmar Unicode Standard which included in lollipop. I think, all of us should change it. At least try Myanmar Unicode once. So you may not need to root your phone or your head ache will get away.

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