We will open the book of 2012

Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity
its first chapter is New Year’s Day.


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Funny Experience about Plagiarism System XD

Assignment Plagiarism System said me “You copied 75% of other student’s paper”

I confused and sighed then investigated who’s other student?

Oh! It’s Thein Htike Aung

I’m Speechless :-0

It happened last 2 months. At that time, I am going insane and confused. Later, I knew what’s wrong. I am same myself. ah! Xo Funny

How to send posts from Facebook to twitter

Login to Facebook and type www.facebook.com/twitter

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Publicize your blog

My blog can’t be found with Google yet. They said the more you blog, the more possible to be found. It could take 2 or 6 weeks.
So, I found this way, Publicize which can notify search engine. Sharing blog posts via social media is the best way to spread in Public. Learn more how to Publicize for your WordPress blog.
Now, I show you how my published posts share in social media.

First, publicize to Facebook. Facebook sent again to twitter. But you can sent out to all with single one click from WordPress. I have no idea why I implement the following complicated step. XD
If you interested How to sent posts from Facebook to twitter, click this.

Uploading your app Using the Command Prompt to GAE

When I error with uploading in Eclipse, I uploaded file using Command prompt. See details in this site. The following is the implementation in my computer.
First of all, adding java path in Edit System Variable through System properties >> Advanced >> Environment Variables >> Edit
It is not needed earlier as I use Eclipse IDE.

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